chopping block

 Packaging Design and Website

Chopping Block is a brand created in tandem with Philabundance new line of food to be sold in dibruno brothers in south philadelphia. Philabundance aims to Drive Hunger from Our Communities Today and End Hunger Forever. By creating a new line of high end products made from rescued food, they aim to use the funds to further accomplish their goal. Each member of my class designed a possible option for the style of the new cheese, dried fruit, drinkable yogurt, and jarred good to be sold. Chopping block is derived from the term on the chopping block or the end of something., much like the rescued food used in the products. The design is inspired by vintage butcher shop imagery, combined with a printmaker quality to the pattern and illustration. This creates an ih house feel, the the person who is curing the cheese is also printing the paper and creating the labels. This also fits a low budget option which philabundance had in mind.



Bryan Satalino, Paul Sheriff


Frangipani Photography

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