Program Guide, Certificate, Website

Creature adventure is a summer exploration camp held at the philadelphia academy of natural science. This is a nine week course consisting of nine programs, and at the end of the summer camp goers receive a certificate of completion.  I designed the website, program book, certificate, and logo. The logo is very geometric and inspired by cellular structure, taking a more scientific approach rather than a creature or animal approach. The hexagon shape of the logo then informed the book, and slipcase design, this not only creates a unique book shape, but provides interesting layout opportunities. The layout and color are bright and set on angles to make science fun and approachable to children. The final component was the certificate. The certificate was broken up into 9 mini hexagons, one for each program. The hexagon chips double as a turtle on the back, that are to be displayed in a hexagon puzzle tray.  




Soonduk Krebs, Paul Sheriff, 



Frangipani Photography